Irish Election Data (00001)

The Dublin North, West, and Meath data sets contain a complete record of votes for two separate elections held in Dublin, Ireland in 2002. The votes were posted online but have since been removed.

The data sets are not complete, they contain many partial votes over the candidate set. The North data set contains 43,942 votes over 12 candidates, the West data set contains 29,988 over 9 candidates, and the Meath set contains 64,081 votes over 14 candidates.

The Meath data presented here was donated by Jeffrey O'Neill who runs the site

Required citations: Jeffery O'Neill. Open STV., 2013.

Download the dataset [zip, 608.4 KB]


Election Politics STV

  • Number of files: 6
  • Total size: 2.8 MB
  • Data types: soi, toc.
  • Publication date: Aug. 17, 2013
  • Last modification: April 10, 2024
2002 Dublin North — 00001-00000001.soi
2002 Dublin West — 00001-00000002.soi
2002 Meath — 00001-00000003.soi