Burlington Election Data (00005)

The 2009 Burlington, Vermont Mayoral Election Data is posted online at www.rangevoting.org. It contains a number of interesting features when evaluated with the IRV method. Namely, the majority candidate in the first round does not emerge as the winner of the election.

The 2006 Burlington, Vermont Mayoral data presented here was donated by Jeffrey O'Neill who runs the site OpenSTV.org.

Required citations: Jeffery O'Neill. Open STV. www.OpenSTV.org, 2013.

Download the dataset [zip, 9.2 KB]


Election Politics STV

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  • Publication date: Aug. 17, 2013
  • Last modification: April 10, 2024
2006 Burlington Mayoral Election — 00005-00000001.toc
2006 Burlington Mayoral Election — 00005-00000001.toi
2009 Burlington Mayoral Election — 00005-00000002.toc
2009 Burlington Mayoral Election — 00005-00000002.toi