AGH Course Selection (00009)

This dataset contains the results of surveying students at AGH University of Science and Technology about their course preferences. Each student provided a rank ordering over all the courses with no missing elements. There are 9 courses to choose from in 2003 and 7 in 2004.

The data on this page has been donated by Piotr Faliszewski.

Selected studies: P. Skowron, P. Faliszewski and A. Slinko. Achieving Fully Proportional Representation is Easy in Practice. Proceedings of AAMAS, 2013. | V. Hashemi and U. Endriss. Measuring Diversity of Preferences in a Group. Proceedings of ECAI, 2014.

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  • Publication date: Aug. 17, 2013
  • Last modification: April 10, 2024
2003 Registration — 00009-00000001.soc
2004 Registration — 00009-00000002.soc