Berkley Election Data (00017)

The 2010 Berkley Data contains the results from a city council election (District 7) in Berkley, CA. The set contains about 4,000 votes over 4 candidates.

Note that these elections were conducted under a ranked voting system which allowed blank entries. In processing this data for PrefLib we have ignored blanks and only report the order over the candidates.

The data on this page was donated by Jeffrey O'Neill who runs the site

Required citations: Jeffery O'Neill. Open STV., 2013.

Download the dataset [zip, 2.6 KB]


Election Politics STV

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  • Data types: dat, toc, toi.
  • Publication date: July 9, 2014
  • Last modification: April 10, 2024
2010 Berkeley City Council - District 7 — 00017-00000001.toi