Vermont District Races (00031)

This dataset contains votes for 15 different races for various public offices held in Vermont in 2014. This data was collected and donated by Jeremy A. Hansen. There are 3 to 6 candidates and 532 to 1960 voters in these data files. Not all races were competitive so not every race is reported for every district.

Required citations: Jeremy A. Hansen. Ballot-Level Observations About Vermont's 2014 General Election. New England Journal of Political Science 8 (2): 185-217, 2016 (Bibtex).

Download the dataset [zip, 7.4 KB]


Election Politics

  • Number of files: 15
  • Total size: 9.7 KB
  • Data types: toc.
  • Publication date: April 13, 2017
  • Last modification: April 10, 2024
East Montpelier Vermont Assistant Judge — 00031-00000001.toc
East Montpelier Vermont Senate — 00031-00000002.toc
Fayston Vermont Assistant Judge — 00031-00000003.toc
Fayston Vermont House — 00031-00000004.toc
Fayston Vermont Senate — 00031-00000005.toc
Manchester Vermont Assistant Judge — 00031-00000006.toc
Manchester Vermont House — 00031-00000007.toc
Manchester Vermont Senate — 00031-00000008.toc
St Johnsbury Vermont Assistant Judge — 00031-00000009.toc
St Johnsbury Vermont House — 00031-00000010.toc
St Johnsbury Vermont Senate — 00031-00000011.toc
Westminster Vermont Assistant Judge — 00031-00000012.toc
Westminster Vermont Senate — 00031-00000013.toc
Wolcott Vermont House — 00031-00000014.toc
Wolcott Vermont Senate — 00031-00000015.toc