Movehub City Ranking (00050)

This dataset contains an election generated from indicator-based rankings of cities. The underlying city ranking data ( contains twelve quantitative indicators for the life quality in 216 different cities determined by We created a single election where each city is a candidate and each vote corresponds to the ranking of the cities with respect to one of the indicators.

Each patch contains the raw election and a post-processed version where some candidates and voters are deleted to make the election complete.

Other indicator-based rankings have been used to create the country rankings and university rankings datasets.

This dataset is part of a larger study by Boehmer and Schaar (see this page for a more detailed description of the dataset, the post-processing, and pointers to similar datasets). If you have any questions, please contact:

Required citations: Niclas Boehmer and Nathan Schaar. Collecting, Classifying, Analyzing, and Using Real-World Elections., 2022 (Bibtex).

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